I love setting a pretty table.  I just do.  Give me any occasion and I’ll happily pull out the flatware, dishes, glasses, table linens, and come up with a fabulous centerpiece arrangement.  Last year, I felt like I was setting tables and making tablescapes ALL of the time…like here and here and and I even made a video of me setting a spring luncheon table here. The key to a great table can be plates.  Easy to top a white dinner plate off with a colorful patterned salad plate…or going all in with a single high design plate for your meal.  The best way to greet guests to your home for a meal is to have a really inviting and cheerful table setting I think.

So today I bring you 27 pretty plates for Spring.  Spring is coming soon.  Time to dine in style.  See if you like any of these pretties we picked out.