Welcome to the next edition of as the bathroom renovation turns.

Where a humble homeowner and her imagination transform an awkward master bath and an over-sized powder bath into a bathroom poetry.

How do I love you little bathroom…let me count the ways?

Let’s review.

When we last left our master bath….

….it looked like this.

That was it.

Just a toilet and a sink.

No shower.  No bath.  No room to move.

And now?

That same room looks like this.

Here’s a during.

The wall was knocked down and we took part of the powder bath and part of the closet.

Here’s a mini room for the toilet.

It still has to be taped and mudded and painted and tile.

But look at all that space.

This is what the powder bathroom used to look like.

Tons of space and a bath and storage cabinet.

But all that room was in the wrong place.

And now?

It looks like this.

Half of it’s former self.

It donated the other half of the room to the master bath.

It’s still pretty spacious.

The toilet is tucked around the corner.

New beadboard was added.

I kept the original brush and floss signs on the wall.

Then I added these super cute galvanized wall vases and filled them with fresh greens.

I love a little greenery in all that gray and white.

I kept the original sink that I brought from our house in Texas when we moved.

In the corner, I placed a ladder with hand towels.

There are also hooks on the walls for towels, too.

This little powder bath is right off the hallway near the kitchen and living room.

I need to draw a diagram so it all makes sense.

The master bath should be finished next week and I can’t wait to show the befores and afters.

But I’ll save all that for the next edition. 🙂

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