Today is all about keeping it real.

The realest of the real.

The kind of real where you don’t want to talk about real and you want to act like real doesn’t exist and you want to hide your head under the covers and talk about anything else besides real.

See this table?

This incredible, amazing, wonderful first-time table that my husband built.

See how great it looks from this angle?

And this angle?

I know, right?  I am so all about it too.

But here’s the thing.  I’ve edited and cropped and strategically placed the camera and the dough bowl to make it look tablicious.



Except the end of the table really looks like this.

I  have to be completely fair.

It didn’t look anything like this when my husband built it at home.

The boards weren’t warped.  Everything was straight and perfect and farmhouse with a side of industrial.

He built the table at home with 10 foot long boards.  And then?  We realized that we couldn’t get the table up the stairs because it was so big, so he took it all apart and put it on the porch to get ready to load it up in the truck and drive the two hours to Nashville later.

And then?

It stormed.

And poured rain.

And the boards got soaked and we didn’t realize they were warped until we drove two hours and unpacked all the pieces and carried them up the stairs with the table legs and built the table in the room….

….and then saw this.

He was devastated.

I told him not to worry.  I told him it was okay.  I told him that farmhouse tables are a little rustic.  I told him I’d add a throw over the end so no one could see the warping.  I told him no one would even notice a tiny thing like that in a giant ballroom.

But still he worried.

We tried to fix the table that day, but there wasn’t enough time.  They were closing the house and we had to get back for one of the kid’s events and we couldn’t fix it and we had to leave all that warping behind.

I saw it on his face as we drove away.  All that hard work.  All that lugging the boards up the stairs.  All that time and effort and hours in his workshop and he worried that all people would see was the warped table top.

And then?

I had an idea.

Just in case you were wondering….I have connections.

I know superman.

And sometimes when he’s not wearing a cape and hiding out in phone booths and leaping over buildings in a single bound…

…he fixes tables.

Last Friday, twenty minutes before the House for Hope opened for tours, superman showed up with a bag full of tools and his incredible wife who just happens to one of my dearest friends and the host of Talk of the Town in Nashville on Channel 5.

He calmly surveyed the project, found a piece of scrap wood, screwed it underneath the table, sanded it down, sawed off the end to make it all match perfectly, swept everything up, cleaned up the sawdust…

…and saved the day.

Then he wiped off his hands, waved to the crowd, wrapped himself in his cape, picked up his tool bag….

….and flew away.

Off towards lands unknown.

Off on other missions.

Off to fight crime, meet up with Batman and Robin and keep our cities safe…

….leaving behind a table top that looks like this.

My hero. 🙂

PS  I cannot thank Dan and Meryll enough for being such amazing friends.

PPS And a giant shout out for the cutest, kindest, hardest working, incredible twinkly-eyed carpenter who made the entire table possible.

He’s the original superhero. 🙂

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