Three of my favourite trends at the moment:
Ruffle shirts, cropped pants and something going on in the hem of the pants.

At first you might think that all of these three together in the same outfit would be simply too much. But actually, they’re not – at least if you ask me. When I was picking out this combo I didn’t even realize I was about to wear my favourite things all in one.

Sadly this is still too light to be worn outside just like this but I’m hoping for the spring to come asap. Although the minus degrees and the freexing wind during the last couple of days doesn’t seem that promising..


Btw, has it ever happened to you that you’ve experienced a color illusion? That you think that you got something in a specific color but it turns out, the thing isn’t at all the color you thought it was in the beginning.

This occured to me with the buttons of this ruffly Zara shirt. When I first was about to buy it in the store I fell in love with it right away but the only thing I didn’t really like was the fact that it had golden buttons. I’m not that into gold anymore so I would’ve preferred the buttons to be silver instead. But since the shirt was perfect otherwise, I got it anyways.

For a couple of weeks I lived in the belief that the buttons were golden. Until one day when I was sitting at the office typing on my keyboard, I somehow glanced to the buttons and noticed that they looked silvery instead of golden. I inspected the buttons for a while and even asked my collaegue’s opinion. And yes, they sure were silver. Like, how?! I guess all the earlier times I was looking at the buttons, there were some warm light reflecting from somewhere which made the buttons look golden, even though they weren’t – to my happiness. Such a weird thing, that has actually happened to me even once before..




shirt / Zara (similar, similar, similar, similar)
pants / Zara (similar, similar, similar, similar)
heels / Mango (similar, similar)

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location: Diplomat hotel

photography by Lisa Höök

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