The number one question I get asked about writing a blog?

Where do you get your ideas?

That one’s easy.

You move from Dallas to a really tiny town in the middle of nowhere without any drive-through diet cokes or stop lights or four-lane roads or Target dollar spots or distractions to prevent you from thinking up ideas all day long.


….and sometimes you ask your sister. 🙂

That’s me.

I’m a project sister-asker.

Good thing I have two of them.

Good thing they think up more projects than sales at Hobby Lobby.

Like this one and this one and this one and this one and….oh wait….

….this one.

And I love it when they are easy and fun and take five minutes and we can all make one.

Like this framed pegboard organizer.

All you need is a frame.

A piece of pegboard.

And glue.

Simply start with a vintage frame.

Remove the glass or backing or matting or anything else from the frame.

Paint it or stain the frame any color you like.

Then cut a piece of pegboard to size.

And glue it in place on the little lip of the frame where the glass would normally rest.

Like this.

Let it dry and then you’re ready to decorate.

I used organizers I found at the home improvement store to store pens and tacks and sticky notes.

You could hang it on the wall or use a larger picture frame if you wanted to organize more stuff.

Isn’t it literally the most brilliant thing you’ve ever seen?

Almost as smart as my sister. 🙂

PS  If you don’t want to make your own, my sister sells them in her shop.

You can see her brick and mortar shop and studio here.

You can see her etsy shop here.

(total aside:  after you see how creative she is…you may want to ask her to be your sister, too). 🙂

PPS  If you have leftover pegboard, here’s another fun pegboard project.

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