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A beginner’s guide to La Paz, Mexico

I recently found myself on the Baja Peninsula, in La Paz, Mexico with a few days to kill before a camping trip on nearby Isla Espiritu Santo. I was pleasantly surprised by this sleepy city by the sea, and after visiting Cabo San Lucas later in the trip, I decided La Paz was much more my speed! I found Cabo to be very Americanized, with lots of drunken Gringo[…]

A quick guide to island hopping in the Philippines

A chilly and windswept winter always has us dreaming of far-off exotic destinations, where white sands and palm trees provide the most perfect backdrops. And boy, do I have a lovely place to share with you! Have you ever considered the Philippines for your next trip? If not, have a glance through this quick guide to island hopping in the Philippines and see […]

Why my Love for travel photos exceeds my love for Travel

“Why do you take SO many pictures?” It’s a question that I get asked all the time by multiple people and there’s definitely more than one answer. I’m a picture person.  There is no denying that. I wouldn’t say I’m great at photography, but I live for the moments that a photograph encapsulates. I also love travelling. At least I thought I loved trav[…]

The hygiene product all female travelers need to know about

Have you heard of Mooncup? If not, stay with me – because this is life-changing stuff. I’d heard friends rave about the Mooncup for years, but for some reason it was something I just never got around to trying – and then it fell off my radar. Until, that is, I saw this hilarious ad campaign, and decided that now is the time to give it a go. For tho[…]

Mayakoba : Mexico’s finest escape

It all started with this (unfiltered) view. Imagine starting your holiday with a Class A lunch in a beautiful, open aired restaurant with this as your backdrop. The coming days were bound to be wonderful. But let’s go back to the start. 6 years ago, after listening to many people about the beauty and wonders of Mexico I finally booked a ticket and […]

This new dating app has a special feature for travelers

Hi, I’m Annika and I like online dating. There I said it. Over the years I have come to realize that there is something about online dating that I really enjoy as a traveling introvert when wanting to meet people in new places. And when it comes to dating, I like the screening process dating websites allow before I might be forced to sit through an un[…]

7 Places that prove France is more incredible than you Imagined

You could spend several lifetimes in France roaming the streets of Paris eating baguettes, meandering through the coastal villages of Normandy, exploring the tiny towns with rustic architecture and Chateau-filled hills, and buying 2 euro bottles of wine for dinner every night. With a square mileage smaller than the state of Texas, France sure packs a cult[…]

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