Daily sparkPassion 16 February 2017

Magazine of the month: Shot of Joy

Inspiration is everywhere and it’s definitely in print. There is an abundance of beautiful and inspirational magazines out there you would absolutely love but might not know yet. Let us introduce you to one of our new favorites: Shot of Joy (it’s all in the name). Because we know nothing beats a fresh stack of magazines and a cup of coffee on a sunny Saturday morning.

Shot of Joy is an Amsterdam based platform of writers, photographers, creatives stylists, cooks, and travelers. They share personal stories, great recipes, favorite products and secret hotspots online and in their print edition. The first issue of Shot of Joy was launched in 2015 in the Netherlands and the second issue (distributed internationally) came out in December 2016 and is absolutely gorgeous.

Three reasons why you should definitely get a copy of this indie magazine:

The look and feel
Shot of Joy magazine is a never-ending source of inspiration in color palette, mood, and setting. We found ourselves instantly falling in love with this almost 200 pages thick magazine which pleases the visually hungry. The Shot of Joy team aimed to make a personal issue “As we started preparations for this second issue, we realized that we were feeling a deep and sincere longing for realness. Real, meaningful contact is a necessity. We long to get to the bottom of things, dive deeper and embrace diversity. Whether you’re planning a city trip, choosing what dish to cook for your friends or meeting someone new: make it mean something.”

Worth the money
Like we said before, Shot of Joy is an indie magazine and no, it’s not cheap. It’s €13,90. But we can assure you: it’s definitely worth the money. The magazine itself is amazingly thick (192 pages) and printed on heavyweight (and good quality) paper. The best thing is: they don’t have any ads. No ads at all. It’s fantastic. It really is.

Outstanding story
We loved the story of newlyweds Svea and Jenny who meet Dutch writers Philip Huff and Carolien Borgers in New York for a talk about love and freedom. Svea: “I think people kick gay teenagers out on the street out of ignorance, not hate.” The photo series are loving, raw and intense, the interview personal a true inspiration. 26 pages on a beautiful couple. This is something that we rarely see anymore.