This is our journey, this is what we did and what we will do

June 1, 2015

ngm.io is now NOFILTER MEDIA

After attending Techcrunch Disrupts NYC 2015, we made the decission to change our name from ngm.io to NOFILTER MEDIA. After talking to several investors and CEO`s alike we found out that the first question was always what is ngm.io which stands for next generation media. Together with our Team we spend countless hours thinking about…

May 6, 2015

ngm.io part of techcrunch disrupt nyc 2015

ngm.io attends Techcrunch Disrupts NYC 2015. It was the first great opportunity since we moved to the states to present out company to a wide audience of entrepreneurs and Business Angels. ngm.io got lots of attention from media related businesses.

March 7, 2015

We reached the next step on our roadmap…ECOMMERCE

After the big international success of Angela Martini and the video blog that we created with her it is not time for the next big step… E Commerce. After exploring several options of creating revenue with our blogs we came to several solutions.

February 28, 2015

New York City, the new home of ngm.io

next generation media was founded and created in Zurich/Switzerland, but to become a leader in our field there is only one place on earth where a company like us has to be, to achieve the great goals we have set upon us…NYC.