What does a culinary queen, cooking show star and mama of two keep in her kitchen? We’re talking to Ayesha Curry about her must-have tools, tunes and cookbooks including “The Seasoned Life”…

A highly-rated show on the Food Network, along with a best-selling cookbook, may be the ultimate culinary calling card, but we’d trust the sweet tempered Ayesha Curry in the kitchen accolades or no.

It’s the adorable, down-to-earth sincerity that garnered our March Guest Editor and author of The Seasoned Life such an organic following of mother, foodies and females in general. We love seeing such a staggering variety of female personalities enter the spotlight lately, proving once again that success as a woman can look like a million things and there is no one way to do it right.

Ayesha’s passion for life, family and mindful living are all best demonstrated in the kitchen. We asked this rising food star to tell us which cookbooks first stoked her passion, what she’s listening to in kitchen and which food memories keep her coming back for more…

First recipe you learned by heart:

My mom’s spaghetti.

3 cookbooks that should be in every kitchen:

On my kitchen playlist:

Selena Gomez, Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself. John Legend, Love Me Now.

Best cookbook for newbies:

Best cooking memory:

My mom making Trinidadian crab and callaloo. Sooo good!

First cookbook you fell in love with:

Fave healthy cookbook:

Fave kitchen tools:

Why you’re proud of your cookbook:

Because it was all me and I truly put my heart into it.

Fave cookbook for indulgent treats:

Best cookbook for ultra-foodies:

In my kitchen you’ll always find…

Brown sugar.

Fave recipe from your cookbook?