Life & work tipsPassion 7 February 2017

Tech tip time: this amazing app will change your work routine

Do you feel like you could have achieved more in less time? Welcome to the club of people who struggle with time management. The good thing is: you’re not alone in this one. It’s multitasking that’s letting us slip. You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but it’s the harsh, unpleasant and galling truth: to work really efficient, you should only work on one task at the time.

At Chapter Friday, we’re always looking for new apps to help manage our lives, and we wrote about some wonderful apps before. Breaking news: we’ve discovered a new app recently that really changed our working routines and allowed us to work on one single task. And finishing it.

Sounds like magic? It is.*

What is it
Say hi to your new best friend: Time, a very simple yet great productivity app. You add your tasks for the day and start one. The timer counts down and keeps you focused on one thing at a time.

How does it work
As time goes down, the task will change from green to yellow to red. While working on your task, just glance at the color to know how you’re doing. It’s like a digital hourglass with benefits: if you feel like you need some more time while working: simply drag your task. Moving your finger will add time, and moving it down will remove time. Pull your finger all the way to the bottom to complete your task.

The best bit: when your task finishes, you won’t hear any annoying alarm bells ringing. You’ll get a helpful notification and the timer will begin counting up. Now you know how much more time you spend on a task than intended.

Sounds good? It gets even better. Time uses artificial intelligence to study your habits. Based on the tasks you’ve already finished, the app will start giving you productivity suggestions. Are you a morning person? Time will suggest you will need less time for your tasks in the morning than during the afternoon. The app will also recognize if you need more time for a certain task and will suggest a break, once in a while. The app motivates to take one task at a time, finish it and helps you defeat distractions like no other.

What does it cost?
€0,99. You can buy the app right here.

*Chapter Friday tested & approved: I allowed myself to write this article in less than twenty minutes and by using Time, I actually did. Yes!