The Poet and the Rebel – Camille Styles



The Poet and the Rebel

March 9th, 2017

Hairstylist Diamond Mueller and musician Jonathan Terrell have the kind of dynamic that hit country songs are made of. He’s the free-wheeling wildcard to her cool, no-nonsense personality. “She’s friggin’ tough,” says Jonathan of his wife, who he began dating almost a decade ago. He adores her strength and stunning looks, and she loves his talent, ambition and big heart. But things aren’t always perfect with this fiery couple who, at times, have to spend months apart while he’s on the road touring. “I’d say we’re in a pretty strong cycle of passionate fighting and making up,” says Diamond. “I’m hispanic…  so fighting is borderline foreplay.” We hung backstage with the couple at the Paramount Theatre before SXSW to get the full, unedited version of their love story. In the end, we’re not sure who has the bigger personality, him or her. But one thing’s for sure. Together, they’re pure rock and roll.

photographed by dagny piasecki

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