Random thoughts on a Monday morning:

1. The Oscars.  Oh nooooooooooo.  I felt so sorry for Warren Beatty.

2.  Thistlekeeping missed Saturday because I spent the weekend in Kansas.  You haven’t lived until you’ve driven through cornfields with the sun shining.

3.  I just found the coolest attachment for the top of a tripod.  It takes pictures from every angle you can imagine.  I think I’m ordering one this week.

4.  I cannot thank you enough for all the amazing recommendations for shows from last week.  If you are looking for a show with a British accent, check out all the recommendations in the comments here.

5.  Am I the only one all about Fixer Upper this season?  Just when I think they’ve thought of everything….

…I see an office like this one.

Mondays after a good weekend make me happy just to be alive. 🙂

One of the mysteries of life.

How to fold a fitted sheet.

My linen closet is smiling now.

The day a kitchen went from before to after.

And brought along some amazing bar stools for the ride.

Kitchen makeover found here.

Adding a little spring to your space.

Especially when it’s as pretty as these flowers.

Spring decor found here.

I’m all about roasting my vegetables lately.

Broccoli check.  Cauliflower check.

Here are some easy tips for yummy roasted asparagus.

And in random news this week:

These spring ideas

The tile in this bathroom

These food photography tips

Classic idea for your home

My favorite new blog

This inspiration

These spring cleaning tips

This ceiling

These super cute labels

Ideas to search Craigslist

And this….

….this home tour will make Monday seem even brighter. 🙂

And one more for the road.

Just in case your couch cushions sagged over the winter.

Here’s an easy tip to fix them.

Happy Monday to you. 🙂

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