My arms are shaking as I’m applying my makeup in the morning and today it seemed even more difficult than usual to get my eyeliner pen make a straight line.

My workdays consist mostly of sitting in front of my laptop and typing on the keyboard – so what to do if my fingers feel so tired that they have hard time hitting the right keys and my whole hand is trembling just by grabbing the mouse.

Oh, and I would really have to take a shower and wash my hair as well. But just the thought of lifting my arms to apply the shampoo to my hair makes me not want to do it.


Here’s how I’ve been feeling during the last couple of days – well, at least I know I’ve been working out. Since I’ve been travelling a lot lately and had a lot at work as well, I haven’t been able to fit in my workouts into my daily or even weekly schedule – and I sure can feel that. On Monday it was time again, for a kick ass thai boxing class, that literally killed my arms. Which is why all the daily things I do simply feel a bit more difficult thatn usual But hey, here I go again, and the only way is up!


These outfit pictures in the other hand, they have nothing to do with my spaghetti arms. Instead, the furry coat that I’m wearing is definitely relevant now that the winter weather is back in Stockholm again. Forget about the cropped pants and the heels though – wish I would be back in Nyc still..

Just when I thought “yay”, March is here and the spring is just around the corner – no, the whole plan backfires and there comes the snowflakes flying from the sky. People often get surprised by the early snow in fall, the traffic gets horrifying and trains are late. But as it comes for me, I get surprised by the winter that dares to show its’ face even after March has rolled into the picture. I mean, I already dug out my trench coat and put all my little spring shoes in a row in the hallway.. Not to talk about how excited I am to actually getting to wear my cropped pants finally!

Well, I guess my only option is to just simply wait..


coat / Stylelevel (similar)
knit / Samsøe & Samsøe (similar, similar, similar)
pants / Zara (similar, similar, similar, similar)
sunglasses / Ray-Ban (similar)
bag / Chanel
heels / Mango (similar, similar)

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